Pack. The on-demand job community.

Pack is a new fully digital temporary job platform initiated by Brunel that connects those seeking temporary employment and those needing an extra pair of hands.  

My team at Achtung and Studio Kraftwerk was tasked with developing the brand strategy and positioning, creating the visual identity and designing the product and user experience. 


Aimed at a generation that values flexibility and social connections over money, we created an identity that reflects these values. Approaching the concept of work with celebration and humour. With strong, colourful but simple basic elements and a rich illustration style, we were able to create a design language that was easily applicable and allowed us to celebrate moments of joy throughout the entire experience. 


We drastically simplified the hiring process for employers with a web based platform accessible from anywhere. We digitized complex processes from posting a job to eventually paying the person who gets hired and ultimately eliminating loads of paperwork.


From searching for a job to applying for it and from getting paid to reviewing employers. For those on the hunt for their next gig, everything is managed through a single app.