Philips Brushbutton

People don’t brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes, and that is because when you are waking up or go to bed, those two minutes can feel very long. So when Philips asked us to come up with a solution to tackle this problem, we designed a connected bathroom assistant that helps turning those boring two minutes, into two minutes well spent.

By connecting to your Google account, the Brush Button collects relevant information, catered to your preferences and puts them in a two-minute run down. All presented to you by speech, while you brush your teeth.


The button was designed to blend in with every type of bathroom, but at the same time serve as a visual reminder without being to obtrusive.

For the material we took hints from the Philips Diamond Clean toothbrushes to make it naturally feel part of the Philips product portfolio. 

To set-up and keep track of statistics, users need the accompanying mobile app.


Setting up the button with some basic settings to personalize your experience.


Some of the topics require additional setup after you have activated them.